Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What do you know about the International Monetary Fund !

The International Monetary Fund is the official international organization Global was established in 1945, was created under the goal of an international treaty to support and protect the world economy, countries and protect the global economy from collapse, where a World War to a large deterioration in the world economy and the recession, resulting in a do a global conference in Washington named "Brighton Woods" Valley Conference to the formation of "international Monetary Fund" and install dollar currencies against gold , most of countries all over the world are part from that "IMF" .
What are the conditions and the purposes and benefits of the International Monetary FundLed the Second World War to heavy losses in the world's economy and the collapse of many economically states, and there was a very big problem threatening the world's righteous. It is a complete collapse of the economy in the major countries, even in countries that did not participate in World War are also affected indirectly, Conference was held  in the state of New Hampshire, in a hotel named Mount Washington, representatives from forty-four state to save the world economy, which led to the international Monetary Fund's success largely to the protection of the global economy and strengthen it and install the dollar this system remained intact until the seventies where the Valley of the emergence of a significant difference in economic trends and multiple views to the collapse and the deterioration of the system again.
The IMF is responsible for the economy of Member States, with controls in currency exchange rates, the lending to some countries which suffer from liquidity problems and the problems of lack of foreign currency .
The International Monetary Fund will give member states some tips on a regular basis for the development of their economy and puts them certain lines to walk them economically to achieve good results and financial stability, as is sometimes firing warnings to member states when the sensor is a big problem or economic decline, who shall Banmaarham so as not to fall into an economic crisis and financial, where he was when a problem occurs or a financial crisis in one country, they affect some other states, so who shall protecting states by directing a particular state for a particular solution or guide economic behavior even protects the state and Buthaih countries from the consequences of any economic crisis or financial problem.
Also it serves as a consultant for investors wishing to invest in a particular state, who shall work for a comprehensive and accurate credit rating of the state reports, and reports on the economy, may lead to the formation of an image for the investor for a success rate of investment in the designated State.
Who is Director General of the International Monetary FundCamille Gutt, from Belgium, served as the IMF's first Managing Director from May 6, 1946 to May 5, 1951
Now :Madame Christine Lagarde, from France .

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The History Of Forex

At the end of the Second World War, all the governments of the world are facing a big problem which is economic chaos, the need to set up the entire economic system that preserves the stability of the world economy appeared.
A new economic system was established "Bretton Woods system" It was a specific rate of the dollar against the price of gold , This has led to a kind of stability for a period of time ..
Bretton Woods system : An agreement has been made through the 1944 conference, led to the following points :
1_ Establish a consistent and cohesive global economic order, it ended in the seventies.
2_ The establishment of the International Monetary Fund "IMF" 
3_The stability of the dollar against the price of gold .
This conference was held in New Hampshire, USA, in 1944, and attended by representatives of forty-four state conference, and why to take place or the aim is to encourage global economy that worsened after the Second World War, which served as an economic disaster for all the world, to participate in the war directly The rest of the countries in an indirect way, where it was draining money for armament ..
In 1971 termination of the agreement and stop the deal, and stopping by special items, as Valley closed to the establishment of a new economic order, prices in the new system is based on supply and demand, the price of which has been edited various currencies, This new system, founded and managed  by United States ... 
But in the nineties, there was the most important development in the Internet , where the Valley of technological advances and the emergence of the Internet to establish a trading platform based on the Internet, where traders are able to complete their transactions using different currencies immediate price .
Within a few months, things have evolved strongly and appeared platforms have been established in all banks and led to the entry of many in the field of Forex after he was limited to senior traders, also it showed the need for Forex brokers.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Six of success factors in the field of FOREX

It was believed in ancient times that tradeing in Forex only limited to big investors and companies, and this belief is the result of that forex firms were set too many conditions to engage in forex, such that you have a large balance and bank deposits a huge company, but recently changed the rules and labor laws in the forex, which led to the entry of many individuals in the field of Forex .
Well, there's a positive step forward, however, a new problem for individuals who wish to engage in Forex Trading appeared , When a person registers in one of Forex companies, many find it difficult terms, will think that it is limited only to economists, or that it is not easy, or should have acquired the training courses in the field of Forex to learn these difficult terms.
Well, it's not, just any field related to trade requires a certain amount of reason and intelligence to the extent, not specialization Academic, which made forex trading very easy it is, there are many sites that offer all the free training sessions, From a Scratch, IE if you are a newbie you will find many free online forex lesson and Forex explaining of Forex terms and idioms . 
Now you are on the right track in the Forex, you just left you succeed and excel in the field of forex, here six important factors to help you achieve success in the field of forex
1_ Should be aware of other Forex competitors ( Forex traders ) with information, you will not be able to achieve success unless you updated on what other people are doing.
2_ Good organization and planning, where it should not be random, every action you do in towards our forex must be part of an integrated plan that is going on, it should put the plan an intelligent manner and based on accurate information on the advantages of Forex and advantages of the general market and aware of broad market conditions and currency market the news Forex traders and global trade .., this factor is very important in any business, especially Forex Trading ...
3_ Capital management in a good way: You must be moderate in Forex trading, sometimes there is big probability to loose your Capital , which requires you to greater skill and intelligence, but if exaggerated in this matter and I have always strongly afraid to capital, will lose great opportunities to make a profit tremendously .. bottom line must not be characterized by high-risk or extreme fear ..
4 _ Long-term trading plan: to enable you to make decisions at the appropriate times and maintain a great deal of focus on the target. In forex trading should not be distracted mind.
5_ Sense of responsibility: There is a big Frso for success in the field of forex, but you should always feel responsibility, there are opportunities to make a profit and the opportunities and risks of loss, you must take it seriously and that real action and not speculation or entertainment.
6_ Commitment: You must in Forex trading to be ambitious, there are many who have made great gains changed their future, so in the field of forex you must comply with the plan they have developed, and focus on them and not to go out on the rules of success ... should not be affected by your behavior the level of satisfaction must. Or psychological condition, the work in the forex sometimes satisfaction and sometimes you lose or gain a little ... 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Extracting gold from the old computer components

There are a lot of articles and videos widely on the Internet talking about the extraction of gold metal from the electronics components such as the HDD and RAMS , processors, motherboards and old mobile phones, etc . 
Is this thing real ? Is it a profitable operation? we will clarify to you about this issue because there are many people concerned in this matter and wants to know more  information about it .
some facts: Some computer components and other hardware left by the gold metal actually, but the amount is very small . 
Therefore you can make a too little profit  from the extraction of gold from electronic components, you can achieve high profit provided there is a very large amount of electronic waste chips and other electronic devices where there are gold.
This means that the gold extraction process is not profitable unless it is a very large amount, as well as electronic components and electronic appliances and the panels contain other precious materials such as silver and platinum as well as gold , And the cost of gold extraction process higher than the yield in small quantities therefore be a losing operation.
There are other components containing gold , Such as transistors and electronic components that are manufactured in the eighties and seventies of the last century. It contains the largest amount of gold , Where they were made for military purposes, so it had to be a relatively large amount of gold to lead to a longer lifespan , The units of the old CPU contains a large amount of gold, either in 1998 stopped the use of gold in the Intel processors.
Warning : some of the chemical elements that is being used for the purpose of extracting gold from machines are very dangerous or toxic , you must not perform the action of extracting gold at home , It is supposed to be done by Specialists in the field of extracting gold and chemical affairs . 
In all of the different Electronic Devices Its prepared to try in the old kinds .
There are a lot of going into business, and companies that have been opened has announced that it specializes in the extraction of gold from the computer, electrical and electronic appliances Other, whereupon you to send the machine to be extracting gold from him to the company. The company is in equipment recycling and extraction of gold, for a commission they receive, they are the owners of specialized technicians and extensive experience.
It is considered the most dangerous substance and are most in toxicity. Toxic mercury cyanide and nitric acid ,  hydrochloric , all of the previous substances are necessary for extracting gold and have many Negative impacts on the environment and the individual person directly or indirectly .
Conclusion: The process of gold extraction in most cases, is profitable only in two cases, to extract gold from old computers, and for the amounts must be to contain large amounts Ali went bigger, but the operation will not be profitable.
Gold mining has many environmental risks due to the materials used in the extraction of gold .

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dollar Impacts Gold Prices {Egypt for example} ..

There is no doubt that there are two prices for the dollar in some countries, Egypt is an example, there is an official rate of the US dollar against the Egyptian currency, and there is also the price of the dollar on the black market.
For the price of gold in Egypt, unaccustomed to the dollar on the black market, the dollar today 24.09.2016 in Egypt in the bank 8.7 to 8.9 EGP/ USD In the black market rose to 12.8 EGP / USD and this is the biggest jump this year, which led the historic unprecedented high prices for gold in Egypt, which is a severe blow to the Egyptian economy.
Gold Prices in Egypt for the day 24/09/2016:
The price of gold 12 carat worth 297 pounds.
The price of 14 carat gold worth 342 pounds.
The price of gold 18 carat worth 401 pounds.
The price of gold 21 carat worth 498 pounds.
The price of gold 22 carat worth 520 pounds.
The price of gold 24 carat worth 565 pounds.
Price "oz" troy ounces of gold worth 16,734 pounds.
The price of the pound of gold valued at 3844 pounds.
Clio price of gold worth 534,957 pounds.
The aim of the article: Clarification dollar impact on the various gold prices due to the global price of a uniform.
Why the dollar affects the price of all products: because most of the products related to the dollar, from near or far, "Egypt's example" is to import from abroad in dollars and not local currency.
For goods and services that are made locally, why are the other affected by the dollar?
It is linked indirectly to the dollar and there are examples:
Morzaah locally crops need fertilizer to a dollar importer from abroad, the transfer of the crop from one place to another place its price rises due to high transportation and the price of gasoline, as well as agricultural pesticides imported from abroad and agricultural machinery.

Introduction to FOREX

Forex is the largest market in the world , All of the people who work from home think that Forex is the best way or field to work online from home , they prefer it to all of he other online alternatives .
The first Forex appearance was in 1998 But in the beginning It was not wide spread and famous or trusted from many people but now its very famous and there is online courses and communities speaking about forex  , it became very famous and trusted from many people . 
If you try to make a s earch on Google using the keyword , you will be surprised by 125,000,000 online wbsite speaking about forex only in English language websites . 
Most of the traders in the regular markets have turned their activity and money into Forex, because that forex has its many advantages, "that we have mentioned before," and that makes it the best ever too great and with features.
There are disadvantages in the field of work over the Internet, especially Forex, prominent among the negatives is a severe lack of correct and accurate information, there are also a large number of false and incorrect information as well as malicious informations.
The first exchange of the currency market is likely to be from the era of the Babylonians, traders and was then share their goods other goods.
There are two stock exchanges, first one is "Direct Exchange" while the second type is called"Over the counter" OTC , Forex is belonging to OTC type because it works without any central place but it works through the INTERNET via banks online which you dont have to get a place where traders go to trade and exchange money in .
This matter of atopic to increased inflation and currency market terrible way and spread all over the world and the existence of millions of operations take place every second without stopping.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Who is the Forex broker and what is his role ?

In order to start work in the field of Forex , you must rely on the broker, and in order to understand what is a Forex broker, you must understand the following example :
Suppose you want to buy an apple from the local market, the local market here is where you are selling products in it, where it more than a vendor for the same item.
Similarly, suppose you are the seller, you are looking for customers, therefore you need a place or market has its customers in order to sell them your product , Local market: the place is located by the three elements they are sellers and buyers, products .
For the Forex market, it is no different from the local market in this matter, there is a buyer and seller of currencies and both want to buy and sell currencies, both of them need  to have a gathering place where trading , The reason for the need for a broker in the forex market is: the buyer and seller thousands of miles away from each others.
What is the role of the Forex broker: The Broker is considered as a desired place for buyer and seller of the currency to buy and sell from each others IE "Forex broker is any link between the trader and the market"
When you want to deal with forex brokers: You can search for and many Forex brokers and trusted, as these forex brokers do not take commissions . 
When choosing a Forex broker: You must look at his information carefully and the reviews of the prevoiis traders and customers who dealt with him before . 
We will write about forex brokers at a later subject in detail and how to look for them and lists of trusted forex brokers and the good in all currencies.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

How to learn Forex easily and quickly in a short time

Firstly, we have to define Forex , FOREX is a market of foreign exchange money and it is the largest market in the world . 
The daily trading value up to 1.5 trillion Dollars , unlike all of other markets , The Forex does not have a specific place or obvious center for exchanging money because it depends on the Internet and the INTERNET connected allof the components of the trade "Competitors and traders and companies " who trade in one currency towards another currency.  
Forex is a field related to money , exactly currencies , anyone can trade in any currency regardless his/her country , for example you can trade or buy the Russian Rupee against Dollar because you expect that it will rise against the other currency and in that case you will earn money .
Each of Stock market and Forex have  some similar characteristics and features , each of them you buy and sell for earning purpose , but there is some obvious differences , Forex  has Financial liquidity larger than Stock market . Also thre is some differences between Forex and Stock exchange market like in Forex there is no allocated place and its open all the time there is no vacations or free time . 

There is also an obvious difference that characterize Forex against Stock market , Forex offers to traders Leverage , the Leverage offered by Forex is larger than the other one provided by the common Stock exchange market , IE it offers high opportunity to achieve large profits but if you have a good experience , but in the other hand The opportunity of loosing money is larger than the stock market in Forex . 
When you start your journey in Forex you will face many idioms related to the field , that thing is considered as an obstacle when you try or start learning Forex lessons as a beginner , in order to be qualified to pass this stage you have to learn all of that idioms and terms and knows exactly what does it mean , for example the sign "usdjpy" points to the American Dollar and Japanese YEN .   
Our website will provide you in the next topics many articles of signs and terms that related to Forex field . 

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Advantages of Forex

Firstly , it called Forex because that word is an abbreviation of "Foreign Exchange Market" . 
Any one can ask himself , what is the advantages or the positive characteristics that make  Forex market differs from any kind of other investments?
When someone think about investing he find the Forex market as the best one because Forex has many advantages and strong point makes it the best between all kind of other invest markets.
unlike any kind of other markets , Forex is open 24 hours a day that means that the Forex market is not affected by Power outage and there is no work hours for this kind of trade .
Unlike other markets , you can start working in Forex with small quantity of money "tiny budget"  while All kinds of other trade markets requires a very large fund and budget to work in or to compete other 
traders .
You can work in Forex while you have just 300$ with "Starter Account. or you can call it the beginner account Which allows you to trade in a LOT is made up of ten thousand units, The LOT that is consists of 10 thousands of unit is an equal to "one contract" , every point up or down from this 10k units is equals to 1$ "one Dollar" Loss or profit .
The "Standard account" allows you to own 100K "one hundred thousand"  unit while in that case the one point up or down "PiP" is equals to 10 Dollars .
Also there is other advantage of Forex , it is very east to manage your work and your "Capital" to fund or withdraw instantly in any time you want , while any other kinds of markets its not east to withdraw your capital of money at any time and you wave to wait to specific time to be able .
In the Forex market you can earn in the case of Stock price up and down IE , you can make profits when the Stock price is moving up or down unlike the other kinds of trades also Forex trading may be considered as a low investment risk .
What is the qualifications that makes you able to join Forex? 
At any place and any time , you can start your Forex trade if you have just computer with internet connection , money in your Credit/Debit card .
There is also a very good advantage in the Forex that any company gives you at first : You can work in the Forex with a fake money , rather than risk in real money, this account is called "Demo Account" and its made for purpose of training.